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1 - Books

Cryogenic Particle Detection, (ed.) Enss, Christian, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2005.

2 - Reviews

Review of Novel Approaches to Organic Liquid Scintillators in Neutrino Physics, Stefan Schoppmann, Symmetry 15 (2023) 11, arXiv:2212.11341.
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Snowmass Neutrino Frontier Report, Patrick Huber et al., arXiv:2211.08641, 2022.
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Report of the Instrumentation Frontier Working Group for Snowmass 2021, Phil Barbeau et al., arXiv:2209.14111, 2022. 2022 Snowmass Summer Study.
Snowmass 2021 IF01: Quantum Sensors Topical Group Report, Thomas Cecil, Kent Irwin, Reina Maruyama, Matt Pyle, Silvia Zorzetti, arXiv:2208.13310, 2022. 2022 Snowmass Summer Study.
Snowmass Instrumentation Frontier IF02 Topical Group Report: Photon Detectors, Carlos Escobar, Juan Estrada, Chris Rogan, arXiv:2208.13051, 2022.
Snowmass Instrumentation Frontier IF08 Topical Group Report: Noble Element Detectors, Carl Eric Dahl, Roxanne Guenette, Jennifer L. Raaf, arXiv:2208.11017, 2022.
Snowmass 21 Discussions on Future Accelerator HEP Facilities, Stephen Gourlay, Tor Raubenheimer, Vladimir Shiltsev, arXiv:2208.09552, 2022.
4D Tracking: Present Status and Perspective, N. Cartiglia, R. Arcidiacono, M. Costa, M. Ferrero, G. Gioachin, M. Mandurrino, L. Menzio, F. Siviero, V. Sola, M. Tornago, arXiv:2204.06536, 2022.
Key directions for research and development of superconducting radio frequency cavities, S. Belomestnykh et al., arXiv:2204.01178, 2022.
4-Dimensional Trackers, Doug Berry et al., arXiv:2203.13900, 2022.
Test Beam and Irradiation Facilities, M. Hartz, P. Merkel, E. Niner, E. Prebys, N. Toro, arXiv:2203.09944, 2022.
Future Collider Options for the US, P. C. Bhat et al., arXiv:2203.08088, 2022.
Snowmass 2021 White Paper Instrumentation Frontier 05 - White Paper 1: MPGDs: Recent advances and current R&D, K. Dehmelt et al., arXiv:2203.06562, 2022.
Everything you always wanted to know about matched filters (but were afraid to ask), Roberto Vio, Paola Andreani, arXiv:2107.09378, 2021.
Review of Liquid Argon Detector Technologies in the Neutrino Sector, Krishanu Majumdar, Konstantinos Mavrokoridis, Appl.Sciences 11 (2021) 2455, arXiv:2103.06395.
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Modern and Future Colliders, Vladimir Shiltsev, Frank Zimmermann, Rev.Mod.Phys. 93 (2021) 015006, arXiv:2003.09084.
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3 - Reviews - Talks

A Review and Outlook for the Removal of Radon-Generated Po-210 Surface Contamination, V.E. Guiseppe, C.D. Christofferson, K.R. Hair, F.M. Adams, AIP Conf.Proc. 1921 (2018) 070003, arXiv:1712.08167. Low Radioactivity Techniques (LRT) 2017, Seoul, South Korea, May 24-26, 2017.
The Sanford Underground Research Facility, Jaret Heise, J.Phys.Conf.Ser. 1342 (2020) 012085, arXiv:1710.11584. TAUP 2017.
TASI Lectures on Collider Physics, Matthew D. Schwartz, arXiv:1709.04533, 2017.
Linear Accelerators, M. Vretenar, arXiv:1601.05210, 2016. CAS - CERN Accelerator School: Advanced Accelerator Physics Course, Trondheim, Norway, 18-29 Aug 2013.
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4 - Habilitation, PhD and Master Theses

High Power Cyclotrons: The Bridge Between Beyond the Standard Model Physics, Computation, and Medical Applications, Loyd Waites, arXiv:2212.11114, 2022.
Acoustic detection of astrophysical neutrinos in South Pole ice, Justin Vandenbroucke, arXiv:1201.0072, 2012.

5 - Articles

Quantum sensing for particle physics, Steven D. Bass, Michael Doser, arXiv:2305.11518, 2023.
Study of collision and $\gamma$-cascade times following neutron-capture processes in cryogenic detectors, G. Soum-Sidikov et al. (CRAB), arXiv:2305.10139, 2023.
Sensitivity of Transition-Edge Sensors to Strong DC Electric Fields, K. M. Patel, D. J. Goldie, S. Withington, C. N. Thomas, arXiv:2305.06032, 2023.
Treating Detector Systematics via a Likelihood Free Inference Method, Leander Fischer, Richard Naab, Alexandra Trettin, arXiv:2305.02257, 2023.
Unsupervised Domain Transfer for Science: Exploring Deep Learning Methods for Translation between LArTPC Detector Simulations with Differing Response Models, Yi Huang, Dmitrii Torbunov, Brett Viren, Haiwang Yu, Jin Huang, Meifeng Lin, Yihui Ren, arXiv:2304.12858, 2023.
SiPM array of Xenoscope, a full-scale DARWIN vertical demonstrator, R. Peres, JINST 18 (2023) C03027, arXiv:2303.15300.
A Hybrid 3D/2D Field Response Calculation for Liquid Argon Detectors with PCB Based Anode Plane, S. Martynenko et al., JINST 18 (2023) P04033, arXiv:2303.10224.
Performance of a liquid nitrogen cryostat for the study of nuclear recoils in undoped CsI crystals, K. Ding, J. Liu, Y. Yang, K. Scholberg, D.M. Markoff, arXiv:2303.05437, 2023.
Performance evaluation of the 8-inch MCP-PMT for Jinping Neutrino Experiment, Aiqiang Zhang, Benda Xu, Jun Weng, Huiyou Chen, Wenhui Shao, Tong Xu, Ling Ren, Sen Qian, Zhe Wang, Shaomin Chen, arXiv:2303.05373, 2023.
Restoring the saturation response of a PMT using pulse-shape and artificial-neural-networks, Hyun-Gi Lee, Jungsic Park, Byeongsu Yang, arXiv:2302.06170, 2023.
A portable and high intensity 24 keV neutron source based on $^{124}$Sb-$^{9}$Be photoneutrons and an iron filter, A. Biekert et al. (SPICE/HeRALD), arXiv:2302.03869, 2023.
A platform for trapped cryogenic electrons, anions and cations for fundamental physics and chemical studies, Levi O. A. Azevedo, Rodolfo J. S. Costa, Wania Wolff, Alvaro N. Oliveira, Rodrigo L. Sacramento, Daniel M. Silveira, Claudio L. Cesar, arXiv:2301.13248, 2023.
Low Energy Electronic Recoils and Single Electron Detection with a Liquid Xenon Proportional Scintillation Counter, Jianyang Qi, Noah Hood, Abigail Kopec, Yue Ma, Haiwen Xu, Min Zhong, Kaixuan Ni, arXiv:2301.12296, 2023.
Large Low Background kTon-Scale Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers, A. Borkum et al., J.Phys.G 50 (2023) 060502, arXiv:2301.11878.
Radiation Shielding Analysis for the PIP-II Linac at Fermilab, Igor Rakhno, Nikolai Mokhov, Igor Tropin, Sergei Striganov, Yury Eidelman, arXiv:2301.08339, 2023.
Nucl.Instrum.Meth.A 1048 (2023) 168011.
Measurement of radon emanation and impurity adsorption from argon gas using ultralow radioactive zeolite, Hiroshi Ogawa, Kenta Iyoki, Minoru Matsukura, Toru Wakihara, Ko Abe, Kentaro Miuchi, Saori Umehara, arXiv:2212.13664, 2022.
Developing a single phase liquid argon detector with SiPM readout, L. Wang, Y. Lei, T. A. Wang, C. Guo, K. K. Zhao, X. H. Liang, S. B. Wang, R. D. Chen, arXiv:2212.13054, 2022.
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Evaluation of the mean excitation energy of liquid argon, M. Strait, arXiv:2212.06286, 2022.
TRANSLATE - A Monte Carlo Simulation of Electron Transport in Liquid Argon, Zach Beever, David Caratelli, Angela Fava, Francesco Pietropaolo, Francesca Stocker, Jacob Zettlemoyer, arXiv:2211.12645, 2022.
Coincidence-based reconstruction for reactor antineutrino detection in gadolinium-doped Cherenkov detectors, Liz Kneale, Michael Smy, Matthew Malek, arXiv:2210.10576, 2022.
Characterization of the TruSense S310 Laser Range System for Contact-less Measurement of Liquid Levels in Large-Volume Neutrino Detectors, H. Th. J. Steiger, E. Theisen, L. Oberauer, O. Pilarczyk, M. Wurm, arXiv:2210.09415, 2022.
Measurement of proton light yield of water-based liquid scintillator, E. J. Callaghan, B. L. Goldblum, J. A. Brown, T. A. Laplace, J. J. Manfredi, M. Yeh, G. D. Orebi Gann, Eur.Phys.J.C 83 (2023) 134, arXiv:2210.03876.
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From the article: We have shown that it is possible to eliminate the nuclear bombs from the surface of the earth utilizing the extremely high energy neutrino beam. When the neutrino beam hits a bomb, it will cause the fizzle explosion with 3\% of the full strength. It seems that it is not possible to decrease the magnitude of the explosion smaller than this number at this stage. It is important to decrease this number to destroy bombs safely. We are not sure what this means when the plutonium or uranium is used to ignite the hydrogen bomb. We may just break the bomb or may lead to a full explosion.
We are certainly aware of the fact that this kind of device can not only target the nuclear bombs but other kinds of weapons of mass destruction and also, unfortunately, any kind of living object including human. But we should emphasize that the device itself is not a weapon of mass destruction.

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7 - Future Experiments

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Tile Multiple-Readout Compensated Calorimetry, David Winn, Yasar Onel, arXiv:2203.07514, 2022.
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High-pressure TPCs in pressurized caverns: opportunities in dark matter and neutrino physics, Benjamin Monreal, arXiv:2203.06262, 2022.
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Planning the Future of U.S. Particle Physics (Snowmass 2013): Chapter 3: Energy Frontier, R. Brock et al., arXiv:1401.6081, 2014.
Planning the Future of U.S. Particle Physics (Snowmass 2013): Chapter 2: Intensity Frontier, J. L. Hewett et al., arXiv:1401.6077, 2014.
Planning the Future of U.S. Particle Physics (Snowmass 2013): Chapter 1: Summary, J. L. Rosner et al., arXiv:1401.6075, 2014.

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