Sterile Neutrinos

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1 - Books

Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter, Alexander Merle, IOP, 2017.
Fundamentals of Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics, C. Giunti, C. W. Kim, Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, 2007. ISBN 978-0-19-850871-7.

2 - Reviews - Experiment

The Short-Baseline Neutrino Program at Fermilab, Pedro A. N. Machado, Ornella Palamara, David W. Schmitz, Ann.Rev.Nucl.Part.Sci. 69 (2019) 363-387, arXiv:1903.04608.
The STEREO Experiment, N. Allemandou et al., JINST 13 (2018) P07009, arXiv:1804.09052.
Roadmap for the international, accelerator-based neutrino programme, J. Cao et al., arXiv:1704.08181, 2017.
Sterile Neutrinos: An Introduction to Experiments, J. M. Conrad, M. H. Shaevitz, Adv.Ser.Direct.High Energy Phys. 28 (2018) 391-442, arXiv:1609.07803.
Experimental investigation of the thriving mystery of sterile neutrinos, A. Fava, Rev. Phys. 1 (2016) 52-59.
Observation of the new line at ~3.55 keV in X-ray spectra of galaxies and galaxy clusters, Dmytro Iakubovskyi, Adv.Astron.Space Phys. 6 (2016) 3-15, arXiv:1510.00358.
Searches for Active and Sterile Neutrinos in Beta-Ray Spectra, Otokar Dragoun, Drahoslav Venos, J. Phys. 3 (2016) 77-113, arXiv:1504.07496.
Beyond Standard Model Searches in the MiniBooNE Experiment, Teppei Katori, Janet Conrad, Adv.High Energy Phys. 2015 (2015) 362971, arXiv:1404.7759.
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On the 'LSND anomaly', Dmitry Dedovich, Alexey Zhemchugov, Mod. Phys. Lett. A27 (2012) 1230012.
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Searches for muon-to-electron (anti) neutrino flavor change, W.C. Louis, Prog.Part.Nucl. Phys. 63 (2009) 51-73.

3 - Reviews - Experiment - Conference Proceedings

Neutrino Experiments at J-PARC, Masahiro Kuze, arXiv:2001.03417, 2020. J-PARC Symposium 2019.
Review of Sterile Neutrino Experiments, Seon-Hee Seo, arXiv:2001.03349, 2020. 19th Lomonosov Conference on Elementary Particle Physics (Moscow State University, August 22-28, 2019).
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Neutrino Physics with Reactors, Bedrich Roskovec, arXiv:1812.03206, 2018. PIC2018: XXXVIII International Symposium on Physics in Collision, Bogota, Colombia, 2018.
Light sterile neutrino searches, Julia Haser, arXiv:1710.06330, 2017. 29th Rencontres de Blois 2017 on Particle Physics and Cosmology.
Sterile Neutrinos: Reactor Experiments, Christian Buck, arXiv:1704.08885, 2017. NuPhys2016 (London, 12-14 December 2016).
Heavy neutrino searches from MeV to TeV, Elena Graverini, arXiv:1611.07215, 2016. NuFact 2016.
Search for Sterile Neutrinos at Long and Short Baselines, Luca Stanco, arXiv:1604.06769, 2016. NuPhys2015 (London, 16-18 December 2015).
Hunt for Sterile Neutrinos: Decay at Rest Experiments, Fumihiko Suekane, arXiv:1604.06190, 2016. NuPhys2015 (London, 18 December 2015).
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Future short-baseline sterile neutrino searches with reactors, D. Lhuillier, AIP Conf. Proc. 1666 (2015) 180003.
(sub)eV Sterile Neutrinos: experimental aspects, Thierry Lasserre, Nucl. Part. Phys. Proc. 265-266 (2015) 281-287. NOW 2014.
Future short-baseline sterile neutrino searches with accelerators, J. Spitz, AIP Conf. Proc. 1666 (2015) 180004.
Future short baseline neutrino searches with nuclear decays, Barbara Caccianiga, AIP Conf. Proc. 1666 (2015) 180002.
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4 - Reviews - Theory

Ambiguities and Subtleties in Fermion Mass Terms, Yifan Cheng, Otto C. W. Kong, Annals Phys. 348 (2014) 315-323, arXiv:1305.5772.
The role of sterile neutrinos in cosmology and astrophysics, Alexey Boyarsky, Oleg Ruchayskiy, Mikhail Shaposhnikov, Ann. Rev. Nucl. Part. Sci. 59 (2009) 191-214, arXiv:0901.0011.
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Theory of Neutrinos, R.N. Mohapatra et al., arXiv:hep-ph/0412099, 2004.
Physics of the neutrino mass, R. N. Mohapatra, New J. Phys. 6 (2004) 82.
Introduction to sterile neutrinos, Raymond R. Volkas, Prog. Part. Nucl. Phys. 48 (2002) 161-174, arXiv:hep-ph/0111326.

5 - Reviews - Theory - Conference Proceedings

Leptogenesis, dark matter and neutrino masses, Michele Lucente, Asmaa Abada, Giorgio Arcadi, Valerie Domcke, arXiv:1803.10826, 2018. NuPhys2017 (London, 20-22 December 2017).
keV sterile Neutrino Dark Matter and Neutrino Model Building, Alexander Merle, J. Phys. Conf. Ser. 375 (2012) 012047, arXiv:1201.0881. TAUP 2011.
Theory of sterile neutrinos, Rabindra Mohapatra, 2002. 18th International Workshop on Weak Interactions and neutrinos (WIN02), 21-26 Jan 2002, Christchurch, New Zealand.

6 - Reviews - Phenomenology

Recent probes of standard and non-standard neutrino physics with nuclei, D.K. Papoulias, T.S. Kosmas, Y. Kuno, Phys. 7 (2019) 191, arXiv:1911.00916.
Status of Light Sterile Neutrino Searches, Sebastian Boser, Christian Buck, Carlo Giunti, Julien Lesgourgues, Livia Ludhova, Susanne Mertens, Anne Schukraft, Michael Wurm, Prog.Part.Nucl.Phys. 111 (2020) 103736, arXiv:1906.01739.
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A New Era in the Quest for Dark Matter, Gianfranco Bertone, Tim M. P. Tait, Nature 562 (2018) 51-56, arXiv:1810.01668.
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Neutrino Mass Ordering in 2018: Global Status, P. F. de Salas, S. Gariazzo, O. Mena, C. A. Ternes, M. Tortola, Front.Astron.Space Sci. 5 (2018) 36, arXiv:1806.11051.
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7 - Reviews - Phenomenology - Conference Proceedings

Light sterile neutrinos: the current picture from neutrino oscillations, S. Gariazzo, arXiv:1911.03463, 2019. TAUP 2019, Toyama, Japan, September 9-13, 2019.
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Comment: The figure in slide n.13 shows the sensitivity of MiniBoone in the $\nu_{\mu} \to \nu_{\mu}$ channel together with the predictions of a combined fit of LSND and null short-baseline experiments. [M.L.].
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8 - PhD Theses

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Phenomenological Aspects of Four-neutrino Models, A. Kalliomaki, 2003. Academic Dissertation, June 2003. University of Helsinki.

9 - Experiment - Neutrino Oscillations

Improved Constraints on Sterile Neutrino Mixing from Disappearance Searches in the MINOS, MINOS+, Daya Bay, and Bugey-3 Experiments, Daya Bay MINOS+, arXiv:2002.00301, 2020.
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11 - Experiment - Neutrino Oscillations - Slides

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12 - Experiment

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13 - Experiment - Conference Proceedings

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Comment: Nice calculation, but unfortunately sterile neutrinos cannot be detected.
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