Gamma Ray Bursts

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1 - Reviews

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2 - Reviews - Conference Proceedings

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3 - Experiment

Extending the search for muon neutrinos coincident with gamma-ray bursts in IceCube data, M. G. Aartsen et al. (IceCube), Astrophys.J. 843 (2017) 112, arXiv:1702.06868.
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4 - Experiment - Conference Proceedings

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5 - Phenomenology

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8 - Theory - Conference Proceedings

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9 - Models

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10 - Models - Conference Proceedings

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11 - Future Experiments

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12 - Future Experiments - Conference Proceedings

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13 - Sociology

The New Paradigm for Gamma Ray Bursts: a Case of Unethical Behaviour?, A. De Rujula, arXiv:physics/0310134, 2003.

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