(Antarctic Ross Ice-Shelf ANtenna Neutrino Array)

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1 - Articles

Radio detection of air showers with the ARIANNA experiment on the Ross Ice Shelf, S. W. Barwick et al., Astropart.Phys. 90 (2017) 50-68, arXiv:1612.04473.
A First Search for Cosmogenic Neutrinos with the ARIANNA Hexagonal Radio Array, S.W. Barwick et al. (ARIANNA), Astropart.Phys. 70 (2015) 12-26, arXiv:1410.7352.

2 - Detector

Design and Performance of the ARIANNA Hexagonal Radio Array Systems, S.W. Barwick et al., IEEE Trans.Nucl.Sci. 62 (2015) 2202-2215, arXiv:1410.7369.
Radio-frequency Attenuation Length, Basal-Reflectivity, Depth, and Polarization Measurements from Moore's Bay in the Ross Ice-Shelf, S.W. Barwick et al., J.Glaciol. 61 (2015) 227, arXiv:1410.7134.

3 - Conference Proceedings

Recent results from the ARIANNA neutrino experiment, Anna Nelles (ARIANNA), EPJ Web Conf. 135 (2017) 05002, arXiv:1609.07193. ARENA2016, Groningen, The Netherlands.
Design of the Second-Generation ARIANNA Ultra-High-Energy Neutrino Detector Systems, Stuart A. Kleinfelder (ARIANNA), arXiv:1511.07525, 2015. 2015 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium.
Livetime and sensitivity of the ARIANNA Hexagonal Radio Array, S.W.Barwick et al. (ARIANNA), arXiv:1509.00115, 2015. ICRC2015.
Performance of the ARIANNA Hexagonal Radio Array, S.W.Barwick et al. (ARIANNA), PoS ICRC2015 (2016) 1149, arXiv:1509.00109. ICRC2015.

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