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1 - Articles

Status of the HOLMES Experiment to Directly Measure the Neutrino Mass, A. Nucciotti et al., J.Low.Temp.Phys. 193 (2018) 1137-1145, arXiv:1807.09269.
Measuring the electron neutrino mass with improved sensitivity: the HOLMES experiment, A.Giachero et al., JINST 12 (2017) C02046, arXiv:1612.03947.
HOLMES - The Electron Capture Decay of 163Ho to Measure the Electron Neutrino Mass with sub-eV sensitivity, B. Alpert et al., Eur.Phys.J. C75 (2015) 112, arXiv:1412.5060.

2 - Detector

Working principle and demonstrator of microwave-multiplexing for the HOLMES experiment microcalorimeters, D.T. Becker et al., JINST 14 (2019) P10035, arXiv:1910.05217.
Development of microwave superconducting microresonators for neutrino mass measurement in the HOLMES framework, A. Giachero et al., J.Low.Temp.Phys. 184 (2016) 123-130, arXiv:1509.05237.

3 - Conference Proceedings

Development of microwave-multiplexed superconductive detectors for the HOLMES experiment, A. Giachero et al., J. Phys. Conf. Ser. 718 (2016) 062020, arXiv:1601.03970.
HOLMES, an experiment for a direct measurement of neutrino mass, Andrei Puiu et al., PoS NEUTEL2015 (2015) 080.
HOLMES: The Electron Capture Decay of $^{163}Ho$ to Measure the Electron Neutrino Mass with sub-eV sensitivity: TES detector and array production., Valentina Ceriale (HOLMES), PoS NEUTEL2015 (2015) 066.
Fabrication of Absorber with $^{163}$Ho for the Neutrino Mass Searches in the HOLMES project, Giulio Pizzigoni (HOLMES), PoS NEUTEL2015 (2015) 079.

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