Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay

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AMoRE (100Mo) References

COBRA (70Zn, 116Cd, 128Te, 130Te) (Home) References

CUORE (130Te) (Home) References

CUORICINO (130Te) (Home) References

CUPID (82Se) (Home) References

ELEGANT (48Ca, 100Mo) References

EXO (136Xe) (Home) References

GERDA (76Ge) (Home) References

Gotthard (136Xe) (Home) References

Heidelberg-Moscow (76Ge) (Home) References

IGEX (76Ge) (INSPIRE) References

KamLAND-Zen (136Xe) (Home) References

Majorana (76Ge) (Home, INSPIRE) References

NEMO (82Se, 100Mo, 150Nd) (Home, INSPIRE) References

NEXT (136Xe) (Home) References

SNO+ (150Nd) (Home) References

Solotvina (116Cd) References

TGV (48Ca, 106Cd) References

XMASS (136Xe) References

Future Experiments

LEGEND (76Ge) (Home) References

Expired Projects

CANDLES (48Ca) References

DCBA (150Nd) References

GENIUS (76Ge) (Home, INSPIRE) References

LUCIFER (82Se) (Home) References

MOON (100Mo) (Home) References

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