Reactor Neutrino Experiments

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Bugey Reactor SBL Oscillations (INSPIRE) References

Chooz Reactor LBL Oscillations (Home, INSPIRE) References

CONUS Coherent Elastic Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering (Home, INSPIRE) References

CONNIE Coherent Elastic Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering (INSPIRE) References

DANSS Reactor SBL Oscillations (INSPIRE) References

Daya Bay Reactor LBL Oscillations (Home) References

Double Chooz Reactor LBL Oscillations (Home) References

GEMMA Reactor Electron Antineutrino - Electron Scattering References

Gosgen Reactor SBL Oscillations (INSPIRE) References

ILL Reactor SBL Oscillations (INSPIRE) References

KamLAND Reactor Long Baseline Oscillations, Supernova Neutrinos (Home, INSPIRE) References

Krasnoyarsk Reactor SBL Oscillations (INSPIRE) References

MUNU Reactor Electron Antineutrino - Electron Scattering (Home, INSPIRE) References

NEOS Reactor Short-Baseline Oscillations (INSPIRE) References

Neutrino-4 Reactor SBL Oscillations (INSPIRE) References

Nucifer Reactor SBL Oscillations (INSPIRE, Wikipedia) References

Palo Verde Reactor Long Baseline Oscillations (Home, INSPIRE) References

PROSPECT Reactor Short-Baseline Oscillations (INSPIRE) References

RENO Reactor LBL Oscillations (Home) References

Rovno Reactor SBL Oscillations (INSPIRE) References

Savannah River Reactor SBL Oscillations (INSPIRE) References

SoLid Reactor Short-Baseline Oscillations (INSPIRE) References

STEREO Reactor Short-Baseline Oscillations (Home, INSPIRE) References

TEXONO Reactor Electron Antineutrino - Electron Scattering (Home, INSPIRE) References

Future Experiments

JUNO Reactor Long-Baseline Oscillations, Atmospheric, Solar, Geo Neutrinos (Home, INSPIRE, WikipediA) References

Expired Projects

Braidwood Reactor LBL Oscillations (Home)

Diablo Canyon Reactor LBL Oscillations (Home)

KASKA Reactor LBL Oscillations (Home)

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