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1 - Reviews

Liquid Argon TPC Signal Formation, Signal Processing and Hit Reconstruction, Bruce Baller, JINST 12 (2017) P07010, arXiv:1703.04024.

2 - Interactions

First Measurement of Electron Neutrino Scattering Cross Section on Argon, R. Acciarri et al. (ArgoNeuT), Phys.Rev. D102 (2020) 011101, arXiv:2004.01956.
Demonstration of MeV-Scale Physics in Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers Using ArgoNeuT, R. Acciarri et al. (ArgoNeuT), Phys.Rev. D99 (2019) 012002, arXiv:1810.06502.
First measurement of the cross section for $\nu_\mu$ and $\bar{\nu}_\mu$ induced single charged pion production on argon using ArgoNeuT, R. Acciarri et al. (ArgoNeuT), Phys.Rev. D98 (2018) 052002, arXiv:1804.10294.
First Observation of Low Energy Electron Neutrinos in a Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber, R. Acciarri et al. (ArgoNeuT), Phys.Rev. D95 (2017) 072005, arXiv:1610.04102.
Measurement of muon neutrino and anti-muon neutrino Neutral Current $\pi^{0} - > \gamma\gamma$ Production in the ArgoNeuT Detector, R. Acciarri et al. (ArgoNeuT), Phys.Rev. D96 (2017) 012006, arXiv:1511.00941.
First Measurement of Neutrino and Antineutrino Coherent Charged Pion Production on Argon, R. Acciarri et al. (ArgoNeuT), Phys. Rev. Lett. 113 (2014) 261801, arXiv:1408.0598.
The detection of back-to-back proton pairs in Charged-Current neutrino interactions with the ArgoNeuT detector in the NuMI low energy beam line, R. Acciarri et al. (ArgoNeuT), Phys. Rev. D90 (2014) 012008, arXiv:1405.4261.
The ArgoNeuT Detector in the NuMI Low-Energy beam line at Fermilab, C. Anderson et al., JINST 7 (2012) P10019, arXiv:1205.6747.
Analysis of a Large Sample of Neutrino-Induced Muons with the ArgoNeuT Detector, C. Anderson et al., JINST 7 (2012) P10020, arXiv:1205.6702.
First Measurements of Inclusive Muon Neutrino Charged Current Differential Cross Sections on Argon, C. Anderson et al. (ArgoNeuT), Phys. Rev. Lett. 108 (2012) 161802, arXiv:1111.0103.

3 - Heavy Neutral Leptons

New constraints on tau-coupled Heavy Neutral Leptons with masses $m_N = 280-970$ MeV, R. Acciarri et al. (ArgoNeuT), Phys.Rev.Lett. 127 (2021) 121801, arXiv:2106.13684.

4 - Physics

First constraints on Heavy QCD Axions with a Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber using the ArgoNeuT Experiment, R. Acciarri et al. (ArgoNeuT), Phys.Rev.Lett. 130 (2023) 221802, arXiv:2207.08448.
Improved Limits on Millicharged Particles Using the ArgoNeuT Experiment at Fermilab, R. Acciarri et al. (ArgoNeuT), Phys.Rev.Lett. 124 (2020) 131801, arXiv:1911.07996.

5 - Talks

LArIAT: Worlds First Pion-Argon Cross-Section, Pip Hamilton, arXiv:1611.00821, 2016. NuFact 2016.
New Results from ArgoNeuT, Tingjun Yang (ArgoNeuT), arXiv:1311.2096, 2013. NuFact2013.
Neutrino detection in the ArgoNeuT LAr TPC, O. Palamara (ArgoNeuT), J. Phys. Conf. Ser. 408 (2013) 012039, arXiv:1110.3070. NUFACT 11, XIIIth International Workshop on Neutrino Factories, Super beams and Beta beams, 1-6 August 2011, CERN and University of Geneva.
The ArgoNeuT experiment, Roxanne Guenette, arXiv:1110.0443, 2011. DPF-2011 Conference, Providence, RI, August 8-13, 2011.
ArgoNeuT and the Neutrino-Argon Charged Current Quasi-Elastic Cross Section, Joshua Spitz (ArgoNeuT), J. Phys. Conf. Ser. 312 (2011) 072017, arXiv:1009.2515. International Nuclear Physics Conference, Vancouver, Canada, July 4-9, 2010.
Liquid-Argon Time Projection Chambers in the U.S, M. Soderberg (ArgoNeuT), Acta Phys. Polon. B40 (2009) 2665-2670, arXiv:0910.3553. 45th Winter School in Theoretical Physics 'Neutrino Interactions: from Theory to Monte Carlo Simulations', Ladek-Zdroj, Poland, February 2-11, 2009.
ArgoNeuT: A Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber Test in the NuMI Beamline, M. Soderberg (ArgoNeuT), arXiv:0910.3433, 2009. DPF-2009, Detroit, MI, July 2009, eConf C090726.
ArgoNeuT, a liquid argon time projection chamber in a low energy neutrino beam, Joshua Spitz (ArgoNeuT), J. Phys. Conf. Ser. 203 (2010) 012108, arXiv:0910.2650. 11th International Conference on Topics in Astroparticle and Underground Physics (TAUP 2009), Rome, Italy, 1-5 July 2009.

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