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1 - Neutrino Oscillations

Search for neutrino oscillations on a long base-line at the CHOOZ nuclear power station, M. Apollonio et al. (CHOOZ), Eur. Phys. J. C27 (2003) 331, arXiv:hep-ex/0301017.
Comment: The (new) results obtained by using the prescription of Feldman and Cousins with the correct inclusion of systematics indicate that $\bar{\nu}_e \to \bar{\nu}_x$ oscillations are excluded for mixing angles $\sin^2 2 \vartheta \geq 0.16 $ at high $\Delta m^2$ values. The limit obtained here is significantly higher than the one quoted in previous publication : ($\sin^2 2 \vartheta \geq 0.10 $ at high $\Delta m^2$ values). (M.L.).
Limits on neutrino oscillations from the CHOOZ experiment, M. Apollonio et al. (CHOOZ), Phys. Lett. B466 (1999) 415-430, arXiv:hep-ex/9907037.
Initial results from the CHOOZ long baseline reactor neutrino oscillation experiment, M. Apollonio et al. (CHOOZ), Phys. Lett. B420 (1998) 397-404, arXiv:hep-ex/9711002.

2 - Physics

Determination of neutrino incoming direction in the CHOOZ experiment and its application to supernova explosion location by scintillator detectors, M. Apollonio et al. (CHOOZ), Phys. Rev. D61 (2000) 012001, arXiv:hep-ex/9906011.

3 - Detector

The neural-network-based second-level trigger developed for the Chooz experiment, A. Baldini et al., Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A389 (1997) 141-145.

4 - Talks

Future reactor neutrino oscillation experiments at Krasnoyarsk, L. Mikaelyan, Nucl. Phys. Proc. Suppl. 91 (2001) 120-124, arXiv:hep-ex/0008046.
Results from CHOOZ, C. Bemporad (Chooz), Nucl. Phys. Proc. Suppl. 77 (1999) 159-165.
Updated results from CHOOZ, M. Grassi (CHOOZ), 1999. In 'La Thuile 1999, Results and perspectives in particle physics' 41-48.
Results from the CHOOZ long baseline reactor: Neutrino oscillation experiment, C. Bemporad, 1998. In 'Tegernsee 1998, New trends in neutrino physics' 54-64.
Initial results from the CHOOZ experiment, M. Grassi (CHOOZ), 1998. Given at International Workshop on JHF Science (JHF 98), Tsukuba, Japan, 4-7 Mar 1998.
A long-base search for neutrino oscillations at a reactor: The CHOOZ experiment, C. Bemporad (CHOOZ), 1997. Given at International Europhysics Conference on High-Energy Physics (HEP 97), Jerusalem, Israel, 19-26 Aug 1997.
CHOOZ and PERRY: New experiments for long baseline reactor neutrino oscillations, R. I. Steinberg, arXiv:hep-ph/9306282, 1993.
An opportunity for a neutrino oscillation experiment at 1- km from the reactors of the CHOOZ nuclear plant, B. Lefievre, 1992. Given at 3rd International Symposium on Weak and Electromagnetic Interactions in Nuclei (WEIN 92), Dubna, USSR, 16-22 June 1992.

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