(DDecAy at rest Experiment for δCP studies At the Laboratory for Underground Science)

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1 - Proposal

Expression of Interest for a Novel Search for CP Violation in the Neutrino Sector: DAEdALUS, J. Alonso et al. (DAEdALUS), arXiv:1006.0260, 2010.
A New Method to Search for CP violation in the Neutrino Sector, J.M. Conrad, M.H. Shaevitz, Phys. Rev. Lett. 104 (2010) 141802, arXiv:0912.4079.

2 - R&D

A Response to arXiv:1512.09181, 'Space Charge Limits in the DAEdALUS DIC Compact Cyclotron', Janet M. Conrad et al. (DAEdALUS), arXiv:1602.08030, 2016.
Cyclotrons as Drivers for Precision Neutrino Measurements, A. Adelmann et al., Adv.High Energy Phys. 2014 (2014) 347097, arXiv:1307.6465.
Engineering Study of Sector Magnet for the Daedalus Experiment, Joseph Minervini et al. (DAEDALUS), arXiv:1209.4886, 2012.
Modelling challenges of the high power cyclotrons for the DAE$delta$ALUS project, A. Adelmann (DAEDALUS), AIP Conf.Proc. 1560 (2013) 709-711, arXiv:1208.6587.
Multimegawatt DAEdALUS Cyclotrons for Neutrino Physics, M. Abs et al., arXiv:1207.4895, 2012.
Preliminary Design Study of High-Power H2+ Cyclotrons for the DAEdALUS Experiment, L. Calabretta et al., arXiv:1107.0652, 2011.
A Study of Detector Configurations for the DUSEL CP Violation Searches Combining LBNE and DAEdALUS, J. Alonso et al. (DAEdALUS), arXiv:1008.4967, 2010.

3 - Talks

An RFQ Direct Injection Scheme for the IsoDAR High Intensity $\mathrm{H}_2^+$ Cyclotron, Daniel Winklehner, Robert Hamm, Jose Alonso, Janet Conrad, arXiv:1507.07258, 2015. 6th International Particle Accelerator Conference - IPAC 2015.
Relevance of IsoDAR and DAEdALUS to Medical Radioisotope Production, Jose R. Alonso, arXiv:1209.4925, 2012. Workshop on High Power Sources and Targets for Anti-Neutrino Production, Majorana Centre of the INFN Eloisatron Project at Erice, Italy, Oct 30-Nov 3,2012.
Simulations of Pion Production in the DAEdALUS Target, Adriana Bungau et al. (DAEdALUS), arXiv:1205.5528, 2012. IPAC 2012.
High Power, High Energy Cyclotrons for Decay-At-Rest Neutrino Sources: The DAEdALUS Project, Jose R. Alonso (DAEdALUS), arXiv:1109.6861, 2011. DPF-2011 Conference, Providence, RI, August 8-13, 2011.
The DAEdALUS Experiment, Janet M. Conrad (DAEdALUS), Nucl. Phys. Proc. Suppl. 229-232 (2012) 386-390, arXiv:1012.4853. XXIV International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics (Neutrino 2010), Athens, Greece, June 14-19, 2010.
A Multi Megawatt Cyclotron Complex to Search for CP Violation in the Neutrino Sector, L. Calabretta, M. Maggiore, L. A. C. Piazza, D. Rifuggiato, A. Calanna, arXiv:1010.1493, 2010. Cyclotron'10, Lanzhou, China, Sept 7, 2010.
The DAEDALUS Project: Rationale and Beam Requirements, Jose R. Alonso (DAEDALUS), arXiv:1010.0971, 2010. Cyclotron'10, Lanzhou, China, Sept 7, 2010.

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