Genova 187Re Experiment

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1 - Articles

End-point energy and half-life of the Re-187 beta decay, M. Galeazzi, F. Fontanelli, F. Gatti, S. Vitale, Phys. Rev. C63 (2001) 014302.
Limits on the existence of heavy neutrinos in the range 50- eV - 1000-eV from the study of the Re-187 beta decay, M. Galeazzi, F. Fontanelli, F. Gatti, S. Vitale, Phys. Rev. Lett. 86 (2001) 1978-1981.
Detection of environmental fine structure in the low-energy decay spectrum of 187Re, F. Gatti, F. Fontanelli, M. Galeazzi, A. M. Swift, S. Vitale, Nature 397 (1999) 137-139.

2 - Talks

Microcalorimeter measurements, F. Gatti, Nucl. Phys. Proc. Suppl. 91 (2001) 293-296. 19th International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics - Neutrino 2000, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, 16-21 June 2000.
First results of the calorimetric spectrometer for the beta decay of rhenium-187, F. Gatti, F. Fontanelli, M. Galeazzi, S. Vitale, Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A444 (2000) 88-91. 8th International Workshop on Low Temperature Detectors (LTD 8), Dalfsen, The Netherlands, 15-20 Aug 1999.
Rhenium-187 beta spectroscopy for neutrino mass determination: Status report on the Genova experiment, F. Fontanelli, M. Galeazzi, F. Gatti, A. Swift, S. Vitale, 1999. 17th International Workshop on Weak Interactions and Neutrinos (WIN 99), Cape Town, South Africa, 24-30 Jan 1999.

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