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1 - Neutrino Oscillations

Neutrino oscillations I.L.L. experiment reanalysis, A. Hoummada, S. Lazrak Mikou, G. Bagieu, J.F. Cavaignac, Dy. Holm Koang, Applied Radiation and Isotopes 46 (1995) 449-450.
Search for neutrino oscillations at a fission reactor, H. Kwon et al., Phys. Rev. D24 (1981) 1097-1111.
Experimental study of neutrino oscillations at a fission reactor, F. H. Boehm et al. (CAL TECH-GRENOBLE-TUM), Phys. Lett. B97 (1980) 310-314.

2 - Talks

Search for neutrino oscillations anti-electron-neutrino < - > x at the ILL Grenoble reactor, J. L. Vuilleumier, 1981. In 'Wailea 1981, Proceedings, Neutrino '81, Vol. 2', 9-16.
The Grenoble neutrino oscillation experiment, H. Kwon et al. (CAL TECH-GRENOBLE-TUM), eConf C801002 (1980) 90-96. In 'Telemark 1980, Proceedings, Neutrino Mass', 90-96.
Search for neutrino oscillations - a progress report, F. Boehm et al., 1979. In 'Bergen 1979, Proceedings, Neutrino '79, Vol.2', 185- 187.
Neutrino program at ILL, J. F. Cavaignac, 1977. In 'Grenoble 1977, Proceedings, Fundamental Physics With Reactor Neutrons and Neutrinos', 134-139.

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