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1 - Habilitation, PhD and Master Theses

Development of energy calibration and data analysis systems for the NUCLEUS experiment, Giorgio Del Castello, arXiv:2302.02843, 2023.

2 - Articles

Exploring CEvNS with NUCLEUS at the Chooz Nuclear Power Plant, G. Angloher et al., Eur.Phys.J. C79 (2019) 1018, arXiv:1905.10258.

3 - Detector

A Plastic Scintillation Muon Veto for Sub-Kelvin Temperatures, A. Erhart et al., arXiv:2310.08457, 2023.
Development of a compact muon veto for the NUCLEUS experiment, V. Wagner et al., JINST 17 (2022) T05020, arXiv:2202.03991.

4 - Talks

Development of an Organic Plastic Scintillator based Muon Veto Operating at Sub-Kelvin Temperatures for the NUCLEUS Experiment, Andreas Erhart, Victoria Wagner, Ludwig Klinkenberg, Thierry Lasserre, David Lhuillier, Claudia Nones, Rudolph Rogly, Vladimir Savu, Matthieu Vivier, J.Low Temp.Phys. 209 (2022) 346-354, arXiv:2205.01718. 19th International Workshop on Low Temperature Detectors 19-29 July 2021.

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