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1 - Detector

First demonstration of 30 eVee ionization energy resolution with Ricochet germanium cryogenic bolometers, C. Augier et al., arXiv:2306.00166, 2023.
Results from a Prototype TES Detector for the Ricochet Experiment, C. Augier et al. (Ricochet), Nucl.Instrum.Meth.A 1057 (2023) 168765, arXiv:2304.14926.
Fast neutron background characterization of the future Ricochet experiment at the ILL research nuclear reactor, C. Augier et al. (RICOCHET), Eur.Phys.J.C 83 (2023) 20, arXiv:2208.01760.
Development of Data Processing and Analysis Pipeline for the Ricochet Experiment, J. Colas, J. Billard, S. Ferriol, J. Gascon, T. Salagnac (Ricochet), J. Low Temp. Phys. 211 (2023) 310-319, arXiv:2111.12856.
Transition Edge Sensor Chip Design of a Modular CE$\upnu$NS Detector for the Ricochet Experiment, Ran Chen, H. Douglas Pinckney, Enectali Figueroa-Feliciano, Ziqing Hong, Benjamin Schmidt (Ricochet), J. Low Temp. Phys. 211 (2023) 237-247, arXiv:2111.05757.

2 - Talks

Modeling and characterization of TES-based detectors for the Ricochet experiment, R. Chen et al., arXiv:2311.13007, 2023.
Optimization and performance of the CryoCube detector for the future RICOCHET low-energy neutrino experiment, T. Salagnac et al. (RICOCHET), J.Low Temp.Phys. (2023), arXiv:2111.12438. 19th International Workshop on Low Temperature Detectors.
HEMT-based 1K front-end electronics for the heat and ionization Ge CryoCube of the future RICOCHET CE$\nu$NS experiment, G. Baulieu et al. (RICOCHET), J.Low Temp.Phys. (2022), arXiv:2111.10308. 19th International Workshop on Low Temperature Detectors.
Ricochet Progress and Status, C. Augier et al. (RICOCHET), J.Low Temp.Phys. (2023), arXiv:2111.06745. 19th International Workshop on Low Temperature Detectors.
The Thermal Conductance of Sapphire Ball Based Detector Clamps, H. D. Pinckney, G. Yacteen, A. Serafin, S. A. Hertel (RICOCHET), J.Low Temp.Phys. 209 (2022) 1204-1211, arXiv:2111.05217. 19th International Workshop on Low Temperature Detectors.

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